Providing Unparalleled MLM Consultant Expertise In the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Party Plan and Direct Sales Industry — for Over 27 Years!

The Sheffield Consulting Team!
Multi-level Marketing / MLM Consultant Group
Whether your company is new or already established, you can receive the expert help you need and deal with one central support service. The Sheffield Group's multi-level marketing MLM consultants make it easy for you to start your own successful Direct Selling or MLM company!

Without a doubt, we can save you time and money, and put you on track with the industry's best. Members of The Sheffield Group consulting team are selected for their unique understanding of MLM and Direct Sales as well as their expertise in special areas of support.

The First Day of Consulting
Preparing a "Road Map" for your successful company launch

The First Day of Consulting is a focused, detailed consultation to prepare a "Road Map" for your successful pre-launch and launch. Together we will create your product concept, precisely define your market, develop marketing strategies, design a basic compensation plan, determine legalities, plan for your operations requirements, introduce you to other necessary professionals and provide a general evaluation of the cost to launch your MLM company.

Strategic Planning Workshop
The Sheffield Launch Program — Proven MLM Strategies

The two day intensive Sheffield Strategic Planning Workshop prepares a "Blueprint" for your company's launch activities. Detailed attention is given to Product Marketing, Operations, and Financial Plans. Each area is divided into specific goals, strategies, and tactics necessary for completion to create a "to-do"list of some 400 to 700 specific tasks assigned for implementation.

Compensation Plan
The Comp Plan Experts
Success or failure of your enterprise depends heavily upon the proper compensation plan to drive sales of your unique product line. By taking your specific needs into consideration, we carefully construct a plan that will establish a clean, credible relationship for you with your distributors and their customers. The choice of plan will create the proper atmosphere for your company longevity.